Computer Simulation for The Behavior Of Magnetic Materials

Grenoble, May 12th, 2013


The aim of the report is to analyze the behavior of magnetic materials using computer simulations. The scope of the report is to understand how the spins in a ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic material behave. In addition to that, the effect of temperature and external magnetic field are also taken into account to understand how the spins behave under the influence of those effects.

Modeling is a useful technique to solve the problem close to the real phenomena. A simple calculation technique (analytical theory) sometimes is not sufficient to approximate the real phenomena. Therefore, modeling (computer simulations) exist to bridge between the experimental and analytical theory. In this case, the simulations are based on Metropolis Algorithm generated from Monte-Carlo method. The model used is generaly known as the Ising Model.

The conclusions are that modeling technique (using Matlab) is able to simulate homogenous spins direction of a ferromagnetic material under low temperature and its homogeneity decreases as temperature increases. At the critical temperature (Curie temperature), the net magnetization is zero as the spins orient to any directions. Meanwhile, for an antiferromagnetic material, the spins direction is not affected by the temperature. The effect of external magnetic field showed that the spins direction changes its direction towards the direction of the external magnetic field as the amount of external magnetic field increases. It is also found that the susceptibility is 0.8608 and the value of C is 2.9062.

If you are interested for further information and a complete document, please download it here: Report Modeling – Rifan HARDIAN – FAME

About Rifan Hardian

la vie est l'apprentissage I am an enthusiast person interested in chemistry and material sciences in general. For the past few years, I have been focusing my science interest in porous materials, gas-liquid-solid interaction, adsorption, catalysis, gas storage, and crystallography. I like to play guitar, watching movies, playing soccer, playing badminton, and traveling.
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